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OnePiece 851

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Read One Piece – 851 english, One Piece – 851 raw manga, One Piece – 851 online, One Piece – 851 chap, One Piece – 851 chapter. Half of the arc over capone never moved his game pieces. All chaos is undergoing right now what will he be upto ? Fans are focusing on pudding too much. Hell of underestimating capone's intellect he even wanted pekoms alliance for what? Pekoms warned not to underestimate big mom so what is he up to? The massacre event has something to do with him. I am telling you the one to hurt reiju on the leg was capone. Pudding didn't do shit that's oda he is decieving us to thing pudding did entire thing herself and big villain. Capone definitely has a bigger role to play but through out the arc he was given hardly a panel by oda. We are half way through the whole cake island so I don't think now suddenly he will become the main villain. Definitely he is a thread and has something under his sleeve but it would be against bigmom as implied from pekoms warning to him and not strawhats. I am going little length he is biding his time. He will arrive in the wedding. I am starting to believe this is all capone's plan to create war between vinsmokes and big moms. He will benefit by back stabbing bigmom pirates. I dunno what is he upto I am sure he is hell of confident about it.


Norman is one of the main protagonists of the promised neverland. Like all the other children, he is an orphan. Norman has short pale hair with blue faded eyes, he wears the standard orphanage uniform.

Norman seems to be logical, well-meaning, and devoted, with a slightly naive side, likes Emma. Norman is helpful and loyal towards Emma and will try to do what it takes to make sure she and the other kids get to safety and away from the demons. Norman is shown to be very logical, for the most part. He can easily plan his actions in advance and he anticipates on other's actions. He is one of the top 3 ranking orphans, along with Emma and Ray.

Norman's dominant hand is left.